WDV – Live reading & interview

Thursday 16th April, 20h cet


A poetic chronicle
of fear, confinement,
sense of place,
and wandering hope

Online reading
from the Bouneweger Republik
(fb live)

Featuring an orange pet octopus

Since the third day of self-isolation, I’ve been walking and writing, outdoors and in, mostly at night, in order to remain (more or less) healthy in lungs and mind.

The pleasure and pains of walking, near and distant loves and friendships, street stickers and activism, maps that now frighten, new meanings of time, the soothing company of good music.

Written in telegraphic English, now and again in dialogue with Maltese, French, Lëtzebuergesch, and other non-official native tongues of the Bounarchie.

Impromptu interview with Matt Sedillo in L.A. On walking and writing in the days and nights of the Virus, the dangers of narcissism when spending too long alone, Jesus and Jack Hirschman, the République de Bonnevoie, the Maltese language and others, Fifa-style country rankings, etc.

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