Munchies 2


Midnight pizza 
with inċova
acciughe, anchovies
to share with Mr Olive Tree
fresh from his concert
in Marina’s street
Acciughe added as usual
da me stesso

T’aime bien les anchois non?
Et oui
This is my elixir
This survived Pompeii
Need to top up 
on vitamin A
to keep our vision clear
to keep depression at bay
the alphabet whole
and vitamin S
S for Salt
S for Sea

Sorry, forgot to add câpres
but that’s probably because
the supermarket ones
are small and tasteless
No indication of origin
I checked twice
Next time I’ll go to the Greek store
and ask for κάπαρη
Wouldn’t it be amazing
if someone could send me real capers
kappar ta’ vera
in exchange for postcards

Buono, eh?
Eh eh eh
A pizza without inċova
is like a house without a cat
like skin that never meets skin
like sea waves without salt
when I disinfect the desk
and Ottu starts moaning
and swearing
and insulting me
I hear you my friend
I hear you

Fouad in Märjendall
is trying to make croissants
at 2 in the morning
Good luck sadiqi
don’t put too much butter
See you later
I might have a surprise
fingers crossed
and if not

5 am
Dipping Turkish bread
into a small puddle
of Etruscan olive oil
the shape of a shoe
the shape of Luxembourg
on the chopping board
Not bad at all man
not bad at all
and with za’atar
even better
Aa’a to walk again
in the hills of Sabastiyah
the Toscana of Palestine

Dawn through the blinds
Lou Reed sings
of the glory of love
Bonġu lajf
bonġu sieħeb
bonġu ras
Sunday morning
a new day
and all is fine so far
We’re winning 3-2
against I don’t know who
Grazzi univers
ta’ din id-diska
Thank you galaxy
for sending this song
with anchovies, olives, capers
to Lou and me

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