Radju Ottu 88.8 — Music with cats


Smashed three toes
into corner of sofa
yet again
whilst thinking of something
I shouldn’t
Qaħbeċ sufan
qaħbeċ ormoni

this hurts more than last time
Need a little fsied
That’s hard to translate
Cuddles, snuggles, nestling
depends on the context
time and place
time especially 
fuq li ajma

Ott, isma’ 
I really do think 
we need a cat in our life
There’s more than enough room
on the desk
Maybe we’ll find one
who can adopt us
for a while
till we can travel
if he or she lets us 
Don’t be jealous
the cat will purr for you too

Radju Ottu 88.8
Music with cats till dawn
Al Stewart
whoever he was
Sorry mate
I believe you sang a lot about time
I’ll be back

The year of the cat
Oh man
oh octopus
just listen to that piano
and repeat
like a cat prancing
over the desk

Memories of Casablanca
In a country where they turn back time
She comes out of the sun
in a silk dress running
like a watercolour in the rain

we have a poet
My toes hurt
on the air pedal

These days, she says, I feel my life
just like a river running through
the year of the cat
And her eyes shine
like the moon in the sea

How far upstream do you think we are
my dear Ott
I want to see her eyes

Radju Ottu 88.8
Music with cats till dawn
From Italy, via Brazil, in Spanish
Roberto Carlos
El gato que está triste y azul
Aaa those piano notes at the start
re sostenido mayor
la sostenido mayor
y regresamos a
re sostenido mayor
Last note sounds different
yet familiar
the relief of a return
to the origin

Saltando una verja
verte a ti
sol sostenido mayor 
y así
sol sostenido menor 
en tus ojos
algo nuevo 

Las rosas decían
desk piano again
que eras mía
y un gato me hacía 
and drums
Yo no sé
por qué
la ventana
Ott, that piano!
es más grande
and again
sin tu amor

And violin
which then stops to cry
sabe que en mi almaaa
una lágrima hay

Aaa ħbieb tiegħi
friends I don’t know
Grazie Bigazzi-Savio
obrigadinho Roberto
gracias lengua española
de mi adolescencia

Dawn came and went
No sol sostenido
it’s lazily raining
Ejja ħi one more
Radju Ottu 88.8
Music with cats till we drift
The Cure
All cats are grey
I love these long intros
Why the rush to start singing
we’ll sleep when we sleep
just listen this time

No shapes sail on the dark deep lakes
and no flags wave me home
Too right
too right
In the caves
all cats are grey
le ta
no way
Not grey, but silver

In the caves
the textures coat my skin
In the death cell
a single note
rings on and on and on

So do my toes
still ringing
but those synthesisers and drums 
really hit the spot now
Legalise it FFS
Music and lyrics
sound eight times better
and the purr of a pejxa
oh sweet Jesus
it’s been over twenty years
Ottu Ottu Ottinu
we are yet to find out

Last few piano keys
of the leftmost octave
Almost noon, bedtime
still no sol sostenido
Għada jidlam ukoll
Tomorrow will be
another night


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