Salt into salt


There is a lambda in the rock
A double landslide
from eye to ear

A forbidden conversation
with silence
as the waves massage my back
and my newly-grown jaws

I cannot talk now
I am face-down in the water
resting my nannu’s ears

dear freedom
this shift
this μεταμόρφωση
is wilder than I could
have ever imagined
I have never felt this strong
my body never so at home
in itself
yet the price, oh the price
has been
and remains
much too high

I have driven through purgatory
along Saint Michael’s line
without knowing it
and reached a freedom beyond dream
but somehow
I have lost it
at the very same time

Why do these tears of joy
hurt so much

Freedom is still worth it
not a wave of doubt
but all I now need
is to rinse 
this double lambda
off my jaws

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