Ursula must resign

Two open letters, a concertino all’alba, and a reply to the EC “ethics committee”

In early August, from Hotel Europa, Via Malta, San Bartolomeo, I sent an open letter video, with Don Pablo the cat, to Ursula von der Leyen, asking her to resign as president of the European Commission, for three major reasons.

As she did not resign by 1st September, I tried to resign myself (from my 11-year position as Maltese translator), yet HR told me I cannot, due to a disciplinary proceeding against me. I thus recorded a second open letter, outside Hotel Mediterraneo, Santa Cesarea, to explain that when my sick leave is over (long story), I will have no choice but to strike. For the sake of my dignity. And because I want my colleagues to work for an institution that stands up for the values it preaches, or used to preach.

A few hours later, at dawn on the cliffs of Torre Miggiano, I recorded a third video, in which I play toy piano to Ursula, and to other ‘padroncini del mondo’ and their political puppets. Now, finally, the EC “ethics committee” have got in touch, with long-winded documents I cannot read, and an invitation to a videoconference hearing on 12th October. My back, my shoulders, my ears hurt too much to read the screen and type for long. I sent an audio recording instead. I have no fear of the consequences, and much less of the system, the higher echelons of the capitalist pyramid, the military-industrial complex that placed Ursula at the helm of the European Commission last November.

As a teenager in a violent boarding school in England, I used to look at the EU flag and feel warmth in the stomach, knowing that there is a better possibility than monoculture, nationalism, xenophobia, violence. Today I cannot look at the EU flag anymore. I no longer see stars, but a barbed wire ring, and a crown of thorns.

Below are the two open letters, the concertino all’alba, and my audio response to the “ethics committee”. The disciplinary proceeding should be against Ursula, not me, as she is the one going against the interests of the European Union, its citizens and villagers, the “neighbourhood”, and beyond.

Pablito, DJ Ottu and I will be fine. The lion will defeat the bear. But first, we need to rest our ears and voice, on an island (don’t know which one yet), and read, write, sleep, play piano, train. I might be going deaf, like my Nannu Frank, a Maltese refugee in France. Since the third day of lockdown in mid-March, noise pierces me deep inside, and it is becoming unbearable, even with earplugs. If I will slowly go deaf, so be it. I can stop talking, and write.

Open letter to Ursula von der Leyen, 4.8.20
On pork, refugees, islands, weapons, the spirit of Europe
From Hotel Europa, via Malta, San Bartolomeo
Ziju Twanny (Uncle Anthony), Don Pablo (Sir Alex), and DJ Ottu.
From Hotel Mediterraneo, Santa Cesarea, 31.8.20.

This is not a performance. As I am not allowed to resign as an EC translator (due to a disciplinary proceeding I know nothing about), I have no choice but to speak. I would like to look at the EU flag and feel warmth in the belly again, one day. Unfortunately, the military-industrial complex put Ursula in charge, compromising almost 70 years of EU service for its villagers and citizens. She must resign. For the sake of Europe, and the Mediterranean.
Don Pablo says: better to play music to your enemies, than to shout at them

Radju Ottu 88.8, 1.9.20

Ursula, resign, for Europe and the Mediterranean
Muscat, Farrugia, Abela, piccoli padroncini, fate schifo, viva Daphne nonostante tutto
Murdoch, Nestlé, President Agent Orange, Clown of No 10, meh
Passport sellers of the world – Arton Capital (with Robert de Niro), Henley & Partners, Joseph Calleja
You may prevail in this life, but you shall suffer in the next one, and learn your lessons
My answer to the European Commission “ethics committee”, 26.9.20.
Ursula must resign. She is a weapons dealer, a xenophobe, she bullies islands and the refugees she created with the weapons she sold, and her appointment as EC President is a grave insult to all citizens and villagers of the EU, the “neighbourhood” and beyond.
Follow your vocation. If, for stability, or to reassure the family voices in your head, you sell yourself cheap (whatever the salary) by accepting a task that does not fulfil you, nor warm you inside, fear will shape your face. Peel it off. It will hurt, a lot, but you need only start. One can live frugally, and thus in abundance, by following the inner path.

— Così parlò Don Pablo

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