Forty Days

Winner of Malta National Book Prize 2018
Shortlisted for European Poet of Freedom 2020

Forty Days is a book-length poem on childhood trauma, depression, and walking as a process of healing. A brutally personal pilgrimage in the cartographies of the past, without compass or walking stick.

Each daytime chapter narrates a walk, in a landscape real or metaphorical, as a means of reflection, a cleansing of the blood, a cultivation of hope, or for the simple, sensual pleasure of movement. Between walks, the nighttime chapters, born of insomnia, interrogate the phantoms of childhood and the shadows they continue to cast in the present.

Madness. Rage. Paranoia. Yet at the same time, each small step leads to lucidity, understanding, and the possibility of redemption.

Edited by Immanuel Mifsud and published by EDE, the book is designed by Marco Scerri, and illustrated with eight ‘stations’ from woodcuts by Steven Scicluna.


The ache of sincerity – interview with Teo Reljić in MaltaToday
Journey of childhood trauma – Rowna Baldacchino in Times of Malta
On poetry as therapy blogpost written between Day 11 and Night 12

Recording of concert-reading at book launch in Studio Solipsis
— Partial translations in Arabic, French, German, Polish, Slovenian

English self-translation ongoing , edited by Albert Gatt.
Sample chapbook in English available upon request.