“The passport of Malta was once notorious for its ability to be copied and faked. Now, it’s for sale.

Poet Antoine Cassar has taken this experience, of small humiliations at checkpoints, and used it to explore issues of migration, belonging, to imagine what it’s like to be a refugee, to be excluded, in order to write a longform poem called Passaport.

Written in Maltese, it has been translated into many languages and has also been transformed into performances on stage in Malta, Italy and France.

Cassar spoke to Kate Evans at the recent Ubud Writers and Readers’ Festival.”

Feature on France3 tv, of musical adaptation of Passeport by Franck Vigroux & Jean-Marc Bourg, in association with Réseau Éducation Sans Frontières

Passeurs d’hospitalités – Antoine Cassar à Calais
Interview avec Philippe Wannesson

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