White Knight Syndrome

White Knight Syndrome

Ribussa ai miei pensieri un desiderio d’ieri,
chagrin malin d’amour, a cold and burning bliss,
mil noches sin dormir, il sogno in cui non c’eri,
u f’qalbi llejla jriegħed, niftakar f’ħarstek biss …

ancor, l’andirivieni di lunghi lunghi treni,
elf ilment, mein Herz brennt, hombre de traje gris,
fil-bla tmiem ta’ għajnejk is-seħer tal-misterji
kollha ta’ l-univers, and more, much more than this …

enough, c’est fou, rien plus, c’est tout, now let it be,
daqshekk, basta così, ir-riħ li ’l bogħod ġie jtajrek
illejla niżżih ħajr, ô belle dame sans merci;

għada jisbaħ ukoll, u nisbaħ jien mingħajrek,
je change dame et cheval, je change de chevalier,
niente più niente al mondo se penso solo a te.

White Knight Syndrome

Knocking on the door of my thoughts comes a desire from yesterday, malign grief of love, a cold and burning bliss, a thousand sleepless nights, the dream where you were not, and in my heart tonight it thunders, as I remember no more than your look …

once more, the coming and going of long long trains, a thousand moans, my heart burns, man in a grey suit, in the endlessness of your eyes the spell of every mystery of the universe, and more, much more than this …

enough, this is mad, no more, that’s it, now let it be, it’s over, that will do, the wind that came to blow you far away tonight I thank, oh merciless fair maiden;

tomorrow will also dawn, and I will dawn without you, I change maiden and horse, I change the knight, nothing plus nothing in the world if I think only of you.