Radju Ottu 88.8 – from Bonnevoie to Ithaca

Una piccola e sporca odissea. After a month of painful driving down France and Italy, I found a home in Santa Cesarea. Then I set out towards Haifa and Jerusalem, following St Michael’s ley line, to do something for my family. I crossed the Ionio… but didn’t make much headway. On my fourth day in Greece, hyperacusis took over my life.

Σιγά σιγά


Sigá sigá
le le
not follow follow
que no
forget me and Pablito
for six to eight days
and nights
DJ Ottu has flicked the switch
to white noise

White noise
like the light foamy crackle
of these new earplugs
I did not want them
but will get used to them
per forza
it’s the only way (…)